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Challenge ONE

Challenge 1

Alexa Rohan stood with her hands on her hips before the up-and-coming models. Her innocent rolls of hair bounced against the wind that had gathered around them, and no one made a sound as they admired the scenery. Alexa allowed a slight smirk to overcome her fresh face.

Models…we’re here at the scene of your very first challenge. Don’t be alarmed, this volcano is not to erupt until a couple of years from now, but I still want to see some eruption coming out from all of you—eruption of both pose and facial expressions.

Some of you before me have been rejected from the fashion business, you haven’t made it far…Agencies say you’re not what they’re looking for, or you just don’t cut it. However, I believe there is something inside each one of you…you just have to collect yourselves and transform all of this energy into something productive, something NEW. All of the criticism that you may have received can be used in a positive way. You just have to learn how to become stronger and rise from it all! That’s why for this week you girls will all portray…


We will be shooting a promotional photo for this competition…to get the word around about all of you fresh new faces. And since the theme for this competition is about fantasies we want all of you to seem flawlessly beautiful and modelesque. You’ll have to really rock this shoot because you’re not going to be the only one in this photo. Yes, all of the models around you will be in it as well…and you’re going to need to outshine them, because that’s all it’s about in this industry: Being better than the girl next to you….and you’ll surely book the job. 

For this specific shoot I want you to fly like a phoenix. No, I don’t want any superman poses; I want something elegant and effortless. Inspire me and surprise me…also remember that your hair must be down and you must wear the outfit I have assigned to you all below. And since you’ll all be wearing the same clothing, it’s really going to come down to pose and expression—so kick it out of the park here! 

The winner of this challenge will be awarded a very special prize, along with two other models. Remember to:
  • Save in .PNG format
  • Make it transparent (since it will be going in a background, which I will edit)
  • Full body shot
  • 500w x 800h (Of course you don’t have to take up all of the room, but it should be scaled enough to where your head and feet reach the ends of the dimensions.)
Here is the outfit:

It can be found over at GLAMOROUS LOUNGE. It’s under women, in the fifth page!
This challenge will be due February 10, 2008.
If you must have an extension, ask…but there must be a valid excuse.
Rock this!


Since this is a promo, I'll have ALEXA's, the host, photo in soon! Any questions? Just ask.

Want to learn about the other models? I'm trying to get the model house ready, where all of your profiles will be located. When I'm done with that, I will post it here! Feel free to send in your photos here...you are allowed to change it as many times...only for challenges, but it should be found here by the deadline!
When you say transparent, do you mean that the background must be the black and gray checkered background?

(I told you I was clueless at this.)
yep that's what I mean, and don't forget to save it in .PNG format so it stays transparent. (:
So should we submit just one picture? Or multiple pictures, and you'll choose which is the strongest?
Oh, and I assume that since we're all wearing the same clothes, that we can't use accessories that make our models stand out too much? Like, wings or anything?
nope...no accessories. And you can only upload one photo, yeah you can change it as many times before the deadline, but only one can be kept on this post.
Okay, cool. ^_^ Thank you.

How is this? Is this what you were talking about? I've never done this before, either, so any suggestions would be really welcomed. ^^;;
Man, I'm still trying to figure out how YOU did that!
Um, well, I took a ton of pictures of various things (the Bubble Blower animation, and other things that looked kind of like flying). The torso in this picture is from a picture of her doing the hula. The legs are from a pose where she's leaning against a wall, and the head is from a straight headshot. Then I just pasted them all together and smudge tool'd the edges.

Also, I should mention that the outfit in my game is hyper-glitchy. The boobs kind of...fractal. It looks like she has two GIGANTIC POINTY nipples per breast. Oh, and her neck juts out sideways and is also, consequently, pointy. So I had to photoshop that out to make her look normal, lol.

And...er...yeah. Deleted the background and exported it as a .PNG. Does that answer your question?
I only have Photoshop Elements that I got for Christmas. (steep learning curve for me.) I'm having trouble with the textures interfering with the magic lasso/selection thingy. I will still try!
I've never used Photoshop Elements. I've got CS2, but I just switched to it from Photoshop 5.0, which I've had for years and years. It's mostly the same, but with some crucial differences. I miss Paint Shop Pro 7, kinda. It was really good for individual pixel work, or working with .gifs. Especially animating.
Mind you, I'm not really getting a phoenix impression from this picture. To me it says more like, "Star Trek Enterprise: The Musical." lol.


That's so nice. Now I feel like I should do mine over before I post it.



Pish! Don't go changing anything because of me. If you want to change it for yourself, go ahead. But I'll bet you five bucks that yours is just as good as mine and you're being modest.
Yeah that's exactly how I wanted it! (But I must refrain from actually commenting on it...:P)
I'd recommend changing the settings on the post so that comments must be approved so that people won't comment on the submitted pictures.
I would allow for others to comment on the submitted photos...however, this won't be the same for photoshoots. (They won't even be able to see the photos until the elimination)
I actually like being able to see the other applicants put their stuff in!
Thanks. ^_^ Just wanted to make sure I was doing it right.


Okay so here is the host's photo. It can serve as an example if you still don't know what you're doing. (:


Kathryn Clare


This is the real deal. Sorry about the other submissions.

Re: Kathryn Clare

Nice! I love the position with the arms!

Re: Kathryn Clare

Thanks! Yours is quite good, too. To be honest, if you hadn't posted it, my model wouldn't have had that pose.
The entries are looking amazing. Try to bring more models into the mix...ask around livejournal for more simmers who'd like to join this. The more models the better it is!
I think I figured out what the issue was, I was trying to only take a photo in game and enlarge it. I think I have to take CLOSE UPS and stitch them together, right? For some reason I can resize in paint.net but not in photoshop elements... I'll figure it out, so don't be alarmed if my entry vanishes. I want to do this right.
That's what I did. When I saw a pose I liked, I paused and took a picture of the close up, as close as I could, and then took a picture everytime I zoomed out.

It's hard to make your legs and body match, though. Sims have longer legs than torsos, so your close-up of the legs is not as close as your closest shot of a torso, obviously.
Holy Moly! I think I figured it out! It makes no sense to me that I can cut and paste images into new layers via Paint.net, but NOT in Photoshop Elements. So I cookie cuttered her into paint.net and then tried to clean her up in P.E. *WHEW!*

This is why my degree is in Fiber Arts and not Visual/Graphic design. *pants*
Excellent! I like the sassy look on her face. :D
All of the entries are looking great! I love the whole idea...well here's my model, Salina's photo:

Oh, she's so cute and demure-looking.
How would you girls feel about me moving this over to the SCF site?
If it works for you, there's no problem with me. There might be more traffic for you there and more contestants. You do mean the Sims 2 Community Forum off of MTS2 right?
No some other forum dedicated to contests. It would be a lot easier there for everyone, even you all. A lot of contestants did not go join here in livejournal because they say it's too "complicated".

How would you like the move? And over there the judges would most likely be able to comment you all. Oh and there's tons of contests to enter there? Should we move it then?
It's your call. I would like a link if you do decide to move it. LJ is pretty friendly and I think that it might be cool to start out slow here and show the onlookers what they could expect the next time you do one. :)

I'd prefer if you'd leave it here, but you can do whatever you want. =]
Anyway, here's my entry:

Klik hier voor meer gratis...

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