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lindsay_rocks08 in top_sim_model

Alright I have now decided...

This contest will be moving over to SCF proboards. I will later place a link here to it so you all know where to go. That only means one thing...AUDITIONS will be up again, and this time there will be more girls. I will still be using this phoenix shoot as a required shoot for the submissions, so either adjust it or place it over there. 

Don't worry it won't be long until we have everything ready! (


Do we have to re-submit the application?
Just women? some requirement besides gender and age?
I think I'm going to have to withdraw from the competition. Sorry!
I think I'm going to concentrate on off line concerns for right now. Good Luck and I'm withdrawing as well.
It's okay...and it's for this reason I am moving it. And yes you do have to resubmit your application to the site, don't you want everyone to see your sim? And yep, they're only female adults.

It has now been moved to here.

Applications are open until the 22nd of Feb. If you still want to be in this contest, you should post your application there. Having any trouble? Comment me here.
I just thought I'd let you know that I am going to be dropping out of the competition as I just don't have the time to take part.

February 2008

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