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Alexa Rohan, world-renowned supermodel and founder of the Next Top Sim Model stands before the aspiring models in the audition room.

"Welcome models, to the beginning of the Next Top Sim Model. We're hoping to find thirteen models to enter this wonderful competition, and have you run through many challenges, photoshoots, and judging tasks...until we're left with one model standing. That last model who knocks everyone else out of the competition will be the Next Top Sim Model. With my Panel of fashion experts--Elijah Miles, Juno-Catrina Seili, Marica Dalessio, and Aiden Hart--we'll critique you in your knowledge and help shape you to be that top model.

What are you all waiting for? Send in you applications, and show us what you have!

Use the form below to submit your application. We recommend that you run it through your journal first as an entry and convert it to Rich Text, and then copy and paste the HTML as a comment to this post. 

DEADLINE: January 16th 2008 January 30th 2008
Adult Female Sims only


If you think you don't have the time for it, you probably do. This is the schedule I'm planning on having per elimination ceremony (they're subject to change):

1st week: challenge
2-3rd week: photoshoot
4th week: judging task

There will be prizes for every challenge, awarded to about three models, some giving you an edge in a photoshoot, and the other monthly access to a donation site! (:


I would love to do this but I don't really believe in 'donation' sites.
Well that would only be for the winners of the challenges...I still don't know what I might give for the grand prize...join! (:
Can you tell me which Donation sites you are thinking? Because, say, if I win a challenge, could I perhaps have something else? I am pretty opposed to donation sites. (Sorry I'm so difficult. But I can give you a link to some donation site information as to why I am so opposed.)
What donation sites offend you??? But you don't have to take the prize...but if you do happen to win I could possibly give you a donation site you're fond of. Oh, and they won't ALL be donation gifts.
It's the donation sites themselves. If I win, I'll just pass off the prize. No biggy.

Hope I didn't offend YOU!

I'll work on my model and join up. Thanks very much for doing this challenge. It seems like a ton of fun.
Yeah that would work,can't wait to see your submission!
what do you mean unedited clothes/pose?
does it need to me maxis clothing? are they allowed to have a maxis pose or be doing something? or do you want them to simply stand there? can the image be sharpened or cropped?
Sorry I didn't make myself clear, but it's basically an in-game photo that has not been touched...not sharpening, but cropping is fine!

So anything found in the game is free to go!

I would love to join, but I'm wondering how much of a chance I stand if I have very limited skills in terms of photo editing? And no Photoshop? (I have the Gimp, I can get away with stuff, but not as much.)
This competition is set to have you progress, you just have to know the business of fashion is all!

I've started competitions, like this candybarmodels comp that I'm in, and I've gotten pretty good at it disregarding that I was a newbie to these dolls! So give it a try!
Glad you asked this. I'd love to enter as well, but don't think I'd get very far since I've never done this type of thing before... but it sounds fun!
Yep! It's all about progression.
I'm sorry... :) This might be a very stupid question, though... But I don't understand what you need to do with that HTML form. Could you please re-explain that for me? Please? Please? Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You don't exactly have to do that, but it would be better to copy the codes in the box, for the application. Then go to your journal pose an entry, and paste the code--but paste it in the HTML window, not the RICH TEXT window. Then go into the HTML window and fill in the application as you normally would, but as soon as you're done go into the HTML mode and copy that. From there on, paste the code in a comment here!

Cannot wait to see your application...we have FIVE applications.

We're waiting on three other For sures. But it's not just going to nine models, including you, we want more. So spread the word! And I'll continue advertizing!
Was I right to submit my entry as a comment?

It's 5:30 in the morning, so I may be a little fuzzy on this.
It perfectly fine, that's how I wanted it! (:
Ty SO much!! =D I logged in to LiveJournal just to enter this contest! And.. just another question for the pics... For the everyday shot, can more people be seen on the picture (but of course you'll see who my model is)? And for the HighFashion shot, can your model be seen twice of more? And are there any rules about the size of the picture? Sorry for bothering you with all of this. xD
NO rules for the moment, just as long as we know who your model is! (:

Glad you can joing. Cannot wait to see your entry!!!
Did I submit my model right?
Yep, you did it completely right...dang, submissions are almost done with!
Also, one more thing... I'm moving to Britain (from Canada) tomorrow and I don't know when I will have Internet access again. (I will get it at some point - can't live without it -, it's just a matter of settling down.) Is there a possibility we can work something out if I'm cutting close to the deadline for the next challenge?
Yeah we could work something out...just in case you don't make it to the challenge, I'll give you a little Skip, it won't harm you really. (:

Have a safe move! Wow...Britain.
No probs, I'll be able to make it.

Thanks anyway!
Oh no... I was wanting to submit my model, but when I try to send it, I get a message that says that my comment is waaaaay to long... Is there another way to send my application?
Will a comment can only be a certain characters long, and if you exceed it...then you must cut it. So what I'd suggest it you make a double post, one with like her information, and then reply to your comment with your pictures--I hope you understand me. (:
why did the deadline get extended again?
It got extended because I've only receive half of the applicants I wanted, we need more models to carry this competition on...so if you all could, have your friends join this!

All I need is the 13 models, as soon as I get them in, this will start rapidly afterwards. (:
I might join this, but I'm not sure. It seems like it would be really awesome.
I hope you join this! (:
Don't take this badly but... Can't we just start with 8? A lot of time, people tend to drop out after the first few shoots, so we might as well be small and mighty, know what I'm saying? Plus, we manage to go all the way to the end and have a real contest on our hands, you'll be able to advertise your community by saying that this contest is very successful, and yadda, yadda.
We do have enough people I suppose. That's why I was thinking we can work with the ones we have now, and I'll also allow more applicants. That is before they have to submit their application and their challenge photo before the deadline.
Do we have enough people? If not, would it be alright for me to do more than one applicant? I just really want to get started.
No it's alright like that, I wouldn't want you to go crazy over submissions. (:

I just need to post the challenge and then we will start! I hate myself right now because I lost the sheet of paper of all the themes for this competition.
OH NO! Did we end up with enough contestants? I can always see if my friend will join. (I've been pestering her about it too!)
It would be awesome if your friend could join!

Well there are still some people who are thinking of joining, but I don't just want to wait on them and find out they're not joining.

So we'll give them time to turn it all in by the deadline of the challenge shoot, and if theres more applications then we'll accept them. But by the end of the round, only twelve girls will go further.
Sounds good to me. Do you know when you're going to post the challenge?

My friend is going to join. I'm having her make her model now!
Okay then. Oh, and I'll post it either later tonight or tomorrow.

I just need to create my photo for an example.

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