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Next Top Sim Model

Who Will Be On Top?

The Next Top Sim Model
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Who will be the next top sim model?

Do you have what it takes?

"Welcome models, to the Next Top Sim Model.

As many of you may already realize, you are standing before one of the top supermodels in the fashion industry. I am Alexa Rohan, and I've found this competition to train up-and-coming models to become the next top models in the world.

Next Top Sim Model has opened it's gates, and is allowing only 13 girls to pass. My panel of fashion industry experts and I are desiring to find those thirteen models amd mold them in becoming the best models possible. Specifically, we'll mold these models through series of themed challenges, photoshoots, and judging tasks. The weakest of the bunch will be cut out of the competition, and the final girl will be crowned Next Top Sim Model.

So, do you have what it takes? Apply now."

To apply to be the new face of Next Top Sim Model, please use the form below.

We recommend you run it through your own journal first and convert the HTML to Rich Text so it is easier to understand. Applications should be posted as a comment to this entry in top_sim_model.

It is essential that you read all of the in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) rules for the Next Top Sim Model competition.

1. All photoshoot submissions and contestant applications should be sims from The Sims 2 game. We recommend that your models should be saved in BMP format as it reduces blurring and gives clarity to your pictures.

2. No out-of-character conflict please! We won't tolerate arguing on the posts, however, since we encourage RP, IC conflict and drama is completely fine! Let's just make sure we all get on. Role-playing is done at house_of_models.

3. Each contestant must maintain the same model per cycle (so no giving your model a new nose after photoshoot 2, and so on), and once/if you're eliminated, you are out of that cycle, period! Anyone found entering two models will be banned from the current cycle and possibly any further cycles.

4. Try and stay within the deadlines. We will mostly grant extensions providing a contestant gives us a valid excuse, however, if a contestant fails to submit their model's shoot on the deadline without giving a valid excuse or any form of explanation, they are out. If an extension is needed, please request one at a minimum of 2 days before the deadline.

5. Models' face shapes, eyes, and noses must stay the same throughout the competition. This means that you are not to change the shape of your eyes, the width to your face, and so on...unless you are otherwise told to do so. Hair should stay the same length, unless you've asked for extensions, and color (so you can change the styling of the hair, but it should be similar in length and color).

6. Comments by members on other contestants' photoshoots must be constructive criticism and inappropriate slander will not be tolerated.

7. All work must be your own, however feel free to ask for help, advice, tips etc from other people on how to make the ultimate photo.

8. Editing your model's shoots is completely acceptable, unless otherwise told. Editing can include anything from frankensteining to drawn hair. In most cases, it's a necessity.

9. In any case when you need any of the judges to clarify on anything specific, please do ask. Post it under any current post, or just make a post. (Note only judges can make a post on top_sim_model)

9. Have an ecstatic time!

Here are the esteemed judges for the Next Top Sim Model. They can be found at judgespanel.

Alexa Rohan lindsay_rocks08

Alexa Rohan is prominently known as a world-renowned supermodel. Strutting on runways around the world and appearing on various covers of fashion magazines, she's opened Next Top Sim Model to scout for up-and-coming models in the fashion industry. As a city girl from Manhattan, New York, Alexa will be sure to bring the vicious truth found in the world of fashion.

Elijah Miles kristi101

Known for her usual bright colored clothing, Elijah Miles, knows a handful about the fashion industry. Currently a model and actress, she understands the techniques in selling any given product, and just recently she'll be selling one of her own. She has just announced the launch of her new fashion magazine, which deals with trends, celebrities and their fashions, and many more. Don't let Elijah's quirkiness, cuteness, deviousness, and flirtiness fool you because if she's tempered with, she'll be sure to stand for what she thinks is right.

Juno-Catrina Seili sydneyyy28764

Supermodel Juno-Catrina Seili is most rememberable for being featured twice as People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. Her face has appeared in many fashion magazines including Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. More recently, she has taken an interest in photography...she seems to prefer being behind the camera instead of in front of it. Therefore, it's best that the models in the competition know what they're doing in front of the lens.

Marica Dalessio benstopthat

Marica Dalessio is one of the world's first known supermodel. The sixty-three year old beauty has earned millions from working with huge companies such as Calvin Klein and walking in Gucci fashion shows...including Victoria's Secret. Currently filming the film "A Tale of Two Hearts", Marica has also increased the value of her name by becoming the CEO of her own beauty company.

Aiden Hart lindsay_rocks08

Former British model and currently fashion designer, Aiden Hart, has been accostumed to the ways of the fashion empire. His label Toxic Heart has been viewed all over the globe on countless of runways. Known for his rock-themed clothing, he's been able to succeed after many attempts at starting a line. Born into a rural household from Oklahoma, he's proof that anyone with the knowledge and strive can come out on top.

Posting these on relevant The Sims 2 forums etc. would be greatly appreciated by the Panel.

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