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lindsay_rocks08 in top_sim_model

Challenge ONE

Challenge 1

Alexa Rohan stood with her hands on her hips before the up-and-coming models. Her innocent rolls of hair bounced against the wind that had gathered around them, and no one made a sound as they admired the scenery. Alexa allowed a slight smirk to overcome her fresh face.

Models…we’re here at the scene of your very first challenge. Don’t be alarmed, this volcano is not to erupt until a couple of years from now, but I still want to see some eruption coming out from all of you—eruption of both pose and facial expressions.

Some of you before me have been rejected from the fashion business, you haven’t made it far…Agencies say you’re not what they’re looking for, or you just don’t cut it. However, I believe there is something inside each one of you…you just have to collect yourselves and transform all of this energy into something productive, something NEW. All of the criticism that you may have received can be used in a positive way. You just have to learn how to become stronger and rise from it all! That’s why for this week you girls will all portray…


We will be shooting a promotional photo for this competition…to get the word around about all of you fresh new faces. And since the theme for this competition is about fantasies we want all of you to seem flawlessly beautiful and modelesque. You’ll have to really rock this shoot because you’re not going to be the only one in this photo. Yes, all of the models around you will be in it as well…and you’re going to need to outshine them, because that’s all it’s about in this industry: Being better than the girl next to you….and you’ll surely book the job. 

For this specific shoot I want you to fly like a phoenix. No, I don’t want any superman poses; I want something elegant and effortless. Inspire me and surprise me…also remember that your hair must be down and you must wear the outfit I have assigned to you all below. And since you’ll all be wearing the same clothing, it’s really going to come down to pose and expression—so kick it out of the park here! 

The winner of this challenge will be awarded a very special prize, along with two other models. Remember to:
  • Save in .PNG format
  • Make it transparent (since it will be going in a background, which I will edit)
  • Full body shot
  • 500w x 800h (Of course you don’t have to take up all of the room, but it should be scaled enough to where your head and feet reach the ends of the dimensions.)
Here is the outfit:

It can be found over at GLAMOROUS LOUNGE. It’s under women, in the fifth page!
This challenge will be due February 10, 2008.
If you must have an extension, ask…but there must be a valid excuse.
Rock this!


I've never used Photoshop Elements. I've got CS2, but I just switched to it from Photoshop 5.0, which I've had for years and years. It's mostly the same, but with some crucial differences. I miss Paint Shop Pro 7, kinda. It was really good for individual pixel work, or working with .gifs. Especially animating.

February 2008

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